Lactanet Genetic Evaluations - Data File Layouts

Outgoing File Layouts
Bull Genetic Evaluation File Format PDF
Cow Genetic Evaluation File Format PDF
GE All Traits File Format PDF
Top Genomic Heifer List PDF
GE by Owner Prefix PDF
Semen Fertility Evaluation File Layout PDF
Incoming File Layouts (Data sent to Lactanet must be in these formats)
Insemination Data PDF
Bull Data File PDF
Data Exchange System File Layouts
Animal Data Requests PDF
Animal Identification Changes PDF
Breed Association Herd Book Errata File PDF
Breed Association Herd Book Record PDF
Daughter Locator Record PDF
Herd Cow Record (Produced weekly) PDF
Herd Record (Produced monthly on the 5th of each month) Revised June 2, 2005 PDF
Lactation Record (Produced weekly) PDF
Lactation Delete Record (Produced weekly) PDF
Active Lactation Record (Produced weekly) PDF
Annual Herd Averages PDF
Data Exchange System Codes PDF
Breed and Nation Codes PDF
Colour Codes Table PDF
County Codes Table PDF
Left Herd Reasons Table PDF
Recessive Codes Table PDF
Bull File Layout PDF
Sire Insemination Statistics Layout PDF
Young Sire Summary PDF
Insemination Layout PDF